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Synchronicity is not just about 11:11. For those of us that are paying attention, synchronicity is increasing. For those of you have that not been paying attention, here’s your sign.

synchronous (adj.) 1660s, "existing or happening at the same time," from Late Latin synchronus "simultaneous," from Greek synkhronos "happening at the same time," from syn- "together" + khronos "time" . Meaning "recurring at the same successive instants of time".

Synchronicity is often described as meaningful coincidences.

coincidence (n.) c. 1600, "exact correspondence in substance or nature," from French coincidence, from coincider, from Medieval Latin coincidere. From 1640s as "occurrence or existence during the same time." Meaning "a concurrence of events with no apparent connection".

Physical connections are easy to prove. One can physically see that the train stations are connected by the tracks, or at a larger-scale that may not be quite as visible, is that all of our computers are connected to one giant network. There are technical explanations for these links and with the proper materials and instructions, these connections can be replicated.

parallel mirror.jpgImmaterial connections however, are intangible and abstract. They cannot be defined by any one of the five physical senses, meaning they cannot be proven. Similar to having a dream, an experience can occur without any physical way to prove that it occurred.

In order for a connection to take place, there must be at least 2 points or milestones to connect. Point A is the current experience that triggers us of the synchronicity.  Point B is the experience it is compared to which makes it meaningful, but where is this coming from, if not from prior experience?

Before incarnating into this lifetime, our spirit body, along with our spirit guide(s) and our soul group, mapped out our life plan with the intention of increasing our vibrational frequency. Think of it as a road map for spiritual leveling up with twists and turns, highs and lows & challenges and lessons. When we are born, this road map is programmed into our DNA but completely wiped from our memories. This is where free will comes into play.

“You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide what you will decide to do.” ~ Sam Harris

Free will gives us a choice.  The road we travel is determined by the decisions we make. When those decisions lead us onto our predetermined road map, when free will intersects with destiny, synchronicity occurs. Awareness of synchronistic events prior to them occurring is often viewed as intuition. The closer one is to their true self, aided by practices such as meditation, yoga, sungazing or the like, the higher their awareness becomes thus increasing the likelihood of synchronicity taking place.

As synchronicity realization increases, synchronicity actualization increases.

Point B is the milestone on our predetermined path. As we increase our awareness, we are thinning the veil between this illusion that we call reality and reality itself, the consciousness that creates this illusion. These permeable points are opportunities for one to realize the synchronicity.

Am I in sync?

Have you ever thought of someone right before they send you a message? Have you hummed a tune in your head to later hear it play on the radio? Do you see patterns in numbers such as license plates, phone numbers, receipts? Have you visualized an experience for it to later manifest into existence? These are examples of what one may call intuition but in reality is awareness of synchronistic events.

Now let me explain why I misspelled the title, ‘Sinkronicity’. As I was contemplating my options for a catchy title with the word sync, repeating the word in my mind, I realized that today is the day we replaced our kitchen sink with a temporary one to prepare for a new cabinet in its place.

In Sync… In Sink…Coincidence?

Temporary kitchen sink

I think not.