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Me, Myself and eYe

Two years ago, I dreamed of having a blog to serve as my journal. It was a confusing time of my life in which I was still entranced by Tell-lie-vision yet questioning it’s true purpose. I was looking for something but I had no idea what it was. I wrote an article called “Television De-Programming” without knowing where that knowledge or passion was coming from. There was something brewing inside that I could not explain and I AM not one to leave questions unanswered.


It is only now that I realize that I was at the cusp of my spiritual awakening.

Two years has since passed and I did it… I’m turning my dream into reality. Although I was an expert procrastinator, I simply ran out of excuses. So here I am, blogging from my phone. I spent the last few days thinking about the theme of my blog and although I have many favorite topics in which I’m fairly knowledgeable about and definitely passionate about, I’m only 100% sure about one thing… Myself.

This blog will be about my experiences, my spiritual journey and my awakening. My topics will revolve around energy, spiritual awareness and my favorite topic, the third eye.


I am grateful for all of you that have traveled with me thus far. I find that writing is my cleansing and healing tool and I AM grateful that my words have an opportunity to reach others to inspire, uplift and revive their spirits.

We are one.